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The Miles Better Picnic - Dorset

The Miles Better Picnic - Dorset

We couldn’t help but notice that runners like their food and they like summer. So we thought ‘let’s have a picnic, but let’s make them work for it!’. Here’s the deal:

  • Come to beautiful Dorset and run along the spectacular south west coastal path, past Corfe Castle, along Kimmeridge Bay and turn around at Durdle Door on the 50k.
  • Have a choice of distances: 20k, 40k or 50k. There’s one price of £25 and you can decide on the day how far you want to run. There’s a 20k loop and then an extra out and back bit to take you to 40k or 50k.
  • But here’s the thing - the further you run, the more rewards you’ll enjoy!
  • Everybody will get a lovely finishers’ picnic and a special Underground Ultra memento, but more miles equals more lovely stuff, including local beer and tasty goods.
  • We want you to enjoy the journey so there are no cut-offs, you can change your mind about distance during the run (as long as you inform a marshal at a turnaround point), and spot prizes will go to the runners who look like they’re enjoying it the most!

Brief route descriptions: 20km route Begins at Steeple Leaze Farm Heads south to the South West Coastal Path Then heading east on the path you pass Kimmeridge, Kingston, Corfe, north of Church Knowle and west of Steeple before returning to Steeple Leaze Farm.

40km All the above and then on the South West Coastal Path head west along the cliff top passing Kimmeridge Bay, Hobarrow Bay, Brandy Bay, Worbarrow Bay, Mupe Bay - then turn around and come back.

50km All the above with South West Coastal Path leading you into Lulworth Cove and then through Lulworth and the Heritage Centre. Through the car park and up the long set of steps to into West Lulworth, passing St Oswald’s Bay and finally reaching Durdle Door and the 35km turn around point but not before descending to the bottom of the steps and taking a photo by way of evidence of reaching this monumental point of your 50km journey. Turn around and come back.

Water/food stations at 10k, 20k, 30k and 35k (water only).

Event Location

Steeple Leaze Farm,
BH20 5NY

Camping available at Steeple Leaze Camping

  • Date: Saturday 27th June 2015
  • Start time: 9:00am
  • Event type: Social
  • Event Difficulty: Moderate
  • Distance: 20km, 40km, 50km
  • Price: £25
  • This event has taken place.
BH20 5NY

Header photo: Herry Lawford